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Background Info

This sexy MILF has been around AWC for a while and I have perved on her a number of times. I never really spoke to her because she was always in the red fukka rooms.   However one night I took a chance and I got along with her fairly well.  Needless to say I now really do enjoy her company and I love her honesty.  BTW I absolutely LUST seeing her on cam, so damn sexy and yummy.
The greatest export out of New Zealand, is this sexy MILF

Bio Info

Personal Details
Height 5'  8"
Eyes Hazel
Hair Brown
Build Lickable and fuckable
Favourite Saying Hello sexy pants
Favourite Fantasy havin my own awc party, with all my favorite pervs.... being on a bed in the middle of a room... masturbating...... playing "live" like I play on cam... then gettin one of the guys to come and fuck the shit out of me, while the others watch and wank........ mmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!