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Background Info

This sexy MILF has Irish blood and by god when she gets fired up, all hell can break loose. And believe me I know.  Still when she calms down and does her thing online oh my what a special treat it is.
Hi Lusty, ( my lil aussie)Thanks for sending me the email regarding your site. God I miss that sexy aussie accent.  Anyway I have sent you the wank picture you wanted for the site. Lust ya XOXOXO.
Wank Pic or tribute pic. You download the pic of a woman. then print it out.  you then have a good wank ( spank the money, choke the wife's best friend etc etc)
Make sure you shoot all over the pic you just printed out, then take a photo of it and send it to the woman you stroked over.

Bio Info

Personal Details
Height 5'  3"
Eyes Hazel
Hair Brown
Build Slender
Favourite Saying Lusty, you are mumbling again
Favourite fantasy Gangbang (train gang) with three or more men.

Tribute Pic