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Welcome to my online world. I'm Lusty (aka Lustalot or Lustonfire). This web site is dedicated to the beautiful women I have met online.

I am the kind of guy that totally adores women. I love them on cam.  Most of the women I have met online I totally adore.  To say I am a perve is an understatement. That's why I created this site to pay homage to some of the wonderful women I have met online.
All the female pages you see on this site have been approved by them prior to me publishing the pages. Unfortunately not all the lovely women I have met want a page dedicated to them. But that's fine, long as they know I lust them.

If you want to contribute a photo (women only) to the lusty project or to the general picture gallery send me an email.  Please include your online name in the email thanks.

More About Me

You can find out more about me and what makes me tick on the about me page

My online world.

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